I turn ideas into beautiful bulletproof software

Dave with a goofy smile and pretty pink glasses

G'day. I'm Dave.

I'm an independent software developer, architect, and consultant living in the French Alps.

My work lies at the intersection of philosophy, technology, and business where I help clients turn their vision into reality. My previous lives have given me a unique perspective into the art of writing software that solves genuine needs.

Philosophy taught me how to challenge assumptions and use rigorous questioning to identify problems. The military taught me the importance of planning, discipline, and a relentless focus on the mission to overcome challenges, while business taught me the importance of a pragmatic approach to getting the job done on-time and on-budget.

These are the skills and virtues I bring to your next project.

Previous Adventures

  1. Independent Software Developer

    2020 - Today

    I help clients turn their vision into reality. I excel at developing a deep understanding of their business needs and translating this in to clear and actionable requirements. I then craft beautiful, bulletproof, and business-focused code that delivers them a healthy return on investment by solving their customer's central problems.

  2. Academic Philosopher

    2011 - 2020

    I studied, researched, and taught philosophy at the University of Queensland while undertaking an MA and PhD. My research involved the use of agent based models to test the coherence of theories, how big data impacts democracy, and developing digital tools to enhance critical thinking and reasoning.

  3. General Manager

    2005 - 2010

    After travelling the world for a few years and studying for an MBA, I worked as a consultant, team leader, and manager with Flight Centre Ltd before becoming the General Manager of a small international travel company Wicked Campers. Here, I managed over 100 staff across multiple states and countries and grew a $20M P&L by over 20% per year.

  4. Military Officer

    1994 - 2001

    I was a Maritime Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy where I specialised in navigation and diving. At sea, I was responsible for the safety and operation of a $250M vessel and 175 sailors. I was also lucky enough to sail a tall ship across the Pacific Ocean and represent the Australian Defence Force in alpine ski racing against a number of European militaries.


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